Camera Sewer Inspections

Prevent Major Costly Plumbing Repairs in the Bossier City, LA Area

Prevent Major Costly Plumbing Repairs in the Bossier City, LA Area

Camera sewer inspections to pinpoint issues before they get worse

To diagnose a plumbing issue for repair, schedule a video inspection. For troublesome pipes and clogs in Bossier City, LA or the surrounding areas, turn to A.C.T. Plumbing for comprehensive camera sewer inspections.

Our inspection services use a waterproof camera that's attached to the end of a flexible rod. With this method, we can identify the exact type of damage in your pipes. We'll also be able to determine the best repair option, including:

  • Water line repairs
  • Sewer line repairs
  • Septic tank services

When you suspect that your home has damaged plumbing, save money and time by scheduling a preliminary camera water line inspection or sewer inspection.

There are many benefits to a camera sewer inspection, including:

  • Locating the exact location of a leak or block
  • Eliminating unnecessary damage to your yard
  • Avoiding spending money on the wrong service
  • Seeing the current condition of your pipe interiors
  • Creating visual evidence for an insurance claim

Ready to locate the source of your water line issues? Call 318-349-6730 now to arrange a camera sewer or water line inspection. Be sure to request a free estimate.